Professional Microblading Dubai

At HD Studio, we perform effective and safe microblading procedures. HD Studio is renowned for microblading eyebrow tattoo because we are dedicated to delivering you the most natural appearance possible. We have a team of experts led by the reputable Hala Dirawi, who has worked in the field for over ten years. We do both combination microshading eyebrows and microblading tattoos. The transformation of your appearance brought about by this permanent makeup Dubai for the eyebrows offers a more kept, youthful, and sleek look. It aids in framing your eyes and face shape to improve your overall appearance. Microblading brows produce stunning, natural-looking results that perfectly complement your skin tone and hair color. Apart from this, we also offer a range of other services for semi-permanent makeup in Dubai that include eyeliner tattoo and hair micropigmentation tattoo.


Permanent Eyebrow Tattoo Process


Micro blading eyebrows is a procedure carried out by our experts, starting with a consultation. We have a detailed discussion about the look you desire, including microblading brows placement and shape, and then proceed to prepare for your microblading treatment. This process includes light needles and a pointed blade like a small comb. We start every procedure by drawing the brows on your face and taking your approval before implanting the color. Professionals develop the color and combine it to match your skin tone, guaranteeing the perfect appearance for your permanent eyebrow tattoo. We numb the region first, and the artist will begin implanting the colors. When our skilled team is done, your brows will have the required shape and seem authentic and natural.

Top Microblading Clinic: Microblading Services We Offer

We offer three different types of microblading treatment.


Microblading brows are semi-permanent makeup procedures under which the ink is injected into the skin to create a perfect and natural eyebrow effect. This is performed with subtle strokes, enhancing your eyebrows, and giving you a more defined and natural look. While everyone can avail of this service, it is a good alternative for people with sparse brows, uneven shapes, and more.


Combination with Microshading Dubai

Your technician may combine microblading and microshading brows when it is judged acceptable. The inner and outer brow lines are microbladed with this technique, and the hair strands and tails are darkened. For those with thin eyebrow hair, this combined approach works wonders.


Ombre Powder Brows

Due to the amazing outcomes and impacts it may have on your appearance, ombre brow tattooing has become more and more popular in Dubai over the years. Professionals can use the ombre technique to provide an airbrushed gradient effect where softer tones gradually transition to darker shades towards the end of the eyebrow and it considered one of the best permanent makeup treatments under microblading Dubai price.

Microblading Eyebrows Dubai Instructions

Pre-Care Instructions

  • Avoid exercising and tanning on the day before the treatment.
  • Avoid chemical treatments, facials, Botox (two weeks before), or waxing on the face or that region.
  • At least a few days before the procedure, refrain from ingesting any fish oil, aspirin, ibuprofen, vitamin E, or other similar substances (your consultant will give you a list).
  • Refrain from drinking alcohol and caffeinated beverages the day before the procedure.

Post-Care Instruction

  • Avoid touching, scratching, or itching the treated area.
  • Use buds to gently apply and clean the treated area as your consultant recommends.
  • Do not apply any makeup, ointment, or cream that the experts have not recommended to avoid infection.
  • No sun exposure, tanning, or any physical effort that may lead to sweating profusely.
  • The post-care is usually up to two weeks, or as suggested by your beautician; after that, you may step out with sunblock to avoid fading of the color.

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